Very Simple Embedded Text on Tap Captions Example

Hello !

This simple webpage demonstrates how to embed real-time captions into your own website. Imagine you have a live video feed on your website, and you want to make it accessible. Just add a single line of HTML code and you are ready to go!

The live captions are provided through the Text on Tap captioning streaming platform. See for more information.

Your live video stream (like a YouTube stream) goes right here...


... and the live captions below

The HTML code looks like this:
      <iframe id="TextOnTapFrame" src="//" style="width:60%; height:140px; border:0;"></iframe>
      <iframe id="TextOnTapFrame" src="//" style="width:100%; height:100px; border:0;"></iframe>

Simply replace 'testevent' with the ID of your TAP event.