Text on Tap

Text on Tap

Live subtitles meets live events.

Technical details and capabilities of Text on Tap

Text on Tap is the streaming platform of Text on Top. Where Text on Top is created to work on-site where the event takes place, Text on Tap allows remote viewers/participants to access the event. Examples of events are conferences, in church, at a funeral, (online) classes, (online) meetings, etc...

The Text on Tap streaming platform is not limited to one particular setup for a particular event. It is designed to combine and connect all kind of features and services. The downside of such powerful flexible tool is that it is hard to explain what it does and how it can be used :-) But let's try it anyway...

First some key features:

Schematic representation of the system

This image shows how the system works. It does not cover all features as that would make the picture too hard to read. Text on Tap schematic representation Click to enlarge. Note: streaming to YouTube is not yet supported at this time. Use the embedded-YouTube feature instead.