Text on Tap  for  live Video Production applications

Text on Tap is the streaming platform of Text on Top. A captioner produces the text of your online meeting or conference in real-time, typically on some special amazingly fast keyboard. As you know, you can read along using this Text on Tap website (see this live example), but it is also possible to enclose the text as captions in your live Video Production Software, like OBS Studio, Wirecast and vMix for example!

All you need to do (or the AV-guys that your hire need to do) is download the Text on Top Video software (see below), configure its Chroma key output function and specify the unique Text on Tap event ID as the Text source.

Simply tell your Video Production software (OBS, vMix, ...) to use the content of the Text on Top Video - Chroma key window as a video source. Then 'key out' the green background from the source... That's all!
There you have beautiful smoothly scrolling captions in your online video conference!

When the captioner works 'on-site' at the event, the Text on Tap streaming platform is not required. You can use the Text on Top USB dongles (the captioner has these) instead.
Picture of Text on Top Video UI

Download Text on Top Video

Text on Top Video is useful at venues where high tech AV equipment is used to live-stream a conference. The built-in ‘keyboard emulator’ allows the AV engineer to test and configure independently of the captioner. Text on Top Video can be downloaded here:
Text on Top Video for Windows
Text on Top Video for Mac

OBS example

This screenshot shows the captions rendered by Text on Top Video, and used by OBS as a video source. The green background is 'keyed out' by the applied filter.

Picture of Text on Top Video captions in OBS