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Live subtitles meets live events.

Text on Tap  for  Zoom

Text on Tap is the streaming platform of Text on Top. A captioner produces the text of your online meeting or conference in real-time, typically on some special amazingly fast keyboard. As you know, you can read along using this Text on Tap website (see this live example), but it is also possible to provide the text as Closed Captions in a Zoom Meeting!

There are two options:
- using the API TOKEN provided by Zoom, allowing the Text on Tap server to inject the text.
- using a separate tool: Text on Tap 2 Zoom

This webpage is about the second option. Text on Tap 2 Zoom have some important key benefits over the API TOKEN interface. These are:
- It is REAL-TIME verbatim, without delays.
- It makes sure the Closed Captions look good on all Zoom clients (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS)
- It allows the captioner to correct typing mistakes.
- It allows captioners to co-work remotely.

All this is NOT possible, at least not all together, when using the limited API TOKEN interface. Besides that, using the API TOKEN may cause the captions to jump like crazy for some viewers!

Text on Tap 2 Zoom is the solution!
Text on Tap 2 Zoom splash screen

For whom is this tool?

Although everyone involved in organizing or hosting a Zoom Meeting can use Text on Tap 2 Zoom to make the event accessible, the tool is typically meant for the captioner(s) hired to provide the real-time captions. The captioner shall setup a computer running Zoom (together with the bridge tool) and the 'host' of the Zoom Meeting should "Assign" this Zoom-participant as being the captioner. That's all!

Download Text on Tap 2 Zoom

Text on Tap 2 Zoom can be downloaded here:
Text on Tap 2 Zoom for Windows (v2.7.8.37)
Text on Tap 2 Zoom for Mac (v2.7.8.49)

Text on Tap 2 Zoom screenshot